Vol 2, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Introduction PDF
Adam D. Brown, Daniel Antonius, Chloe G. Bland 5-7


Attitudes and Comprehension of Terms in Opinion Questions About Euthanasia PDF
Maile O'Hara, Michael F. Schober 11-29
Formation of Collective Memories through Group Conversations: Examining the Involvement of the "Post-Event Misinformation Effect" PDF
Yasuhiro Ozuru 31-52
Time Estimation by Patients with Frontal Lesions PDF
Mariel Gallego 55-60
What Role does Prejudice Play in Moral Decision-Making? PDF
Chloe G. Bland 61-66
The Coming Home Project: Helping HIV-positive Ex-offenders from Prison Walls to Permanent Housing PDF
Karyn D. Ruiz-Cordell 67-69
Examining the Effect of Subliminal Priming on Ambiguous Figure Perception PDF
Misa Tsuruta 73-86
Remembering False Autobiographical Memories: Comparing the Old and the Young PDF
Anjannette Padilla, Hillary Greenhouse 87-94
Illuminating Life Choices: A Multiple Case Study of Female Corporate Executives Regarding Their Feelings Toward Work and Personal Life PDF
Elizabeth A. Manning 97-103
The Daily Life Study: How Survey Methods Change Self-Reports PDF
Michelle Eisenkraft 105-113

Course Descriptions

Wilhelm Reich’s Course Descriptions and Bio Reprinted from the 1940 and 1941 New School for Social Research [course] Bulletin PDF
Wilhelm Reich 132-134

Letters to the Editors

Letter to the Editors PDF
Robbie Millstein 137-138
Letter to the Editors PDF
Louis Rothschild 139