Vol 8, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Letter From The Editors PDF
Jennifer Doran, William Somerville 2-3


Quality of Employment and Delinquency During the Adolescent to Young Adult Transition PDF
Kara Lustig, Joan H. Liem 4-14
Family Structure Variations and Intimate Relationships of the Children Involved PDF
Chrysalis L. Wright 15-28
Racial Identity, Father Involvement, and Coparenting in Adolescent African American Mothers and Fathers PDF
Colleen M. Varga, Christina B. Gee 29-40
Gender Differences between Body Weight and Psychological Well-Being during Young Adulthood: A Brief Report PDF
Stacy A. Ogbeide, Christopher A. Neumann, Brian E. Sandoval, C. Diane Rudebock 41-46
Students’ Perceptions of and Preferences for Professors PDF
Accalia R. Kusto, Stephanie E. Afful, Brent A. Mattingly 47-55
Tobacco-Induced Diseases: An Emphasis on Mental Health Conditions that May Result from Cigarette Use PDF
Kimberly Ann Glazier 56-61