Vol 2, No 1 (2004)

Table of Contents


Do Subliminally Presented Objects Potentiate Motor Responses? PDF
Zissis Pappas, Arien Mack 11-20
Charles Darwin, CEO: Some Applications of Evolutionary Psychology to Management PDF
Cezar Giosan 21-33
Factors Contributing to Resiliency in September 11th Disaster Relief Workers: A Proposal for Future Analysis PDF
Michael E. Kramer, Ivy S. Patt, Adam D. Brown 37-43
Daytime Consequences of Sleep Apnea in REM and NREM Sleep PDF
Julian Boyd 45-49
Measuring Dyadic/Tribal Affiliation PDF
Kristin Sommer, Joseph Ogilvie 61-67
Guessing Sexual Orientation: Heterosexuals' Ability to Accurately Estimate their "Gaydar" PDF
Connie J. Kendig, Nicole Maresca 71-78
Aggressive Behavior and Affective Processing In Video Game Players PDF
Daniel Antonius 79-88

Letters to the Editors

Letter to the Editors PDF
Li Lippman 101