Vol 8, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Letter From The Editors PDF
William Somerville, Jennifer Doran, Jessica Harlem-Siegel 2-3


Pathways among Abuse, Daily Hassles, Depression, and Substance Use in Adolescents PDF
S. Jeffrey Bailey, Katherine Covell 4-14
Relationships Between Boredom Proneness, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Use PDF
Nicole LePera 15-25
Perceived Functional Limitation and Health Promotion during Mid- to Late Life: The Mediating Role of Affect PDF
Sarah T. Stahl, Julie Hicks Patrick 26-33
Virtual Reality as a Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome PDF
Michael James Monsour 34-45
African American Women’s Reports of Racism during Hurricane Katrina: Variation by Interviewer Race PDF
Sarah R. Lowe, Kara Lustig, Helen B. Marrow 46-57
Is it Possible to Appear Less Lazy? Disclaimer Efficacy in Social Interaction PDF
Natasha N. Riard, Max Jory 58-69
Revisiting Adolescent Separation-Individuation in the Contexts of Enmeshment and Allocentrism PDF
Ashley M. Barrera, Markie L. C. Blummer, Shayna H. Soenksen 70-82
An Assessment of Links Between Components of Empathy and Interpersonal Problems PDF
Tiffany M. Lange, Laurie L. Couch 83-90