With the current division in our world, locally, nationally and globally, individuals are confronted with stigma, power positions, and the impact of the current political climate on mental health and future generations. Amid all this turbulence, we are grateful for the intellectual courage of researchers who strive to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that shape our society.
Based on our foundational social justice orientation, we are proud to present this edition’s articles that explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships through different psychological lenses and the broader societal implications. Myers deepens our understanding of reflective functioning in relation to maternal behaviors and parental presence, while Kang examines the effects of innocence and status maintenance motivations on members of high-status groups. Lastly, Scolpino and Steele explore the impact of stigmatization on age-gap couples through an attachment lens.
We are excited to spark conversation and challenge the status quo with this insightful and inspiring scholarship. Welcome to NSPB Volume 21, Issue 1. Thank you to everyone who was involved with this publication.

Amudha Balaraman
Rebecca Dolgin
Elia Goffi
Heleen Raes

Published: 2024-06-03