Vol 9, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Letter From The Editors PDF
Hali Wood, Ingmar Gorman 2-3


Normal Families Facing Unique Challenges: The Psychosocial Functioning of Multiracial Couples, Parents and Children PDF
Joshua Wilt 7-14
Central Masking: Fact or Artifact? PDF
Alison L. McQueen, James G. Terhune 15-20
Do I Have More Free Will Than You Do? An Unexpected Asymmetry in Intuitions About Personal Freedom PDF
Brian D. Earp 21-27
Perseverators are “Stuck” on a Concrete Dimension: Individual Differences in Achieving Dual Representation PDF
Melissa A. Bright 28-35
A Distinct Association: Inclusion of Other in the Self and Self-Disclosure PDF
Daniel J. Weidler, Eddie M. Clark 36-46
Impact of Negative Affect and Borderline Personality Disorder Symptomatology on Agressive Behavior PDF
L. Alana Seibert-Hatalsky, Lauren F. Wilson 47-55
Personality and Obese Body Mass Index PDF
Michael Pickren Valenti, Michael M. Omizo, Lewis Mehl-Madrona 56-60