Vol 9, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Interlingual Homograph Recognition by Bilinguals: A New Paradigm PDF
Lynne N. Kennette, Lisa R. Van Havermaet 7-16
The Role of Perceived Hostile and Non-Hostile Criticism in Friendships PDF
Rebecca K. Blais, Keith D. Renshaw 17-23
Mental Health and Hooking Up: A Self-Discrepancy Perspective PDF
Elizabeth Victor 24-34
An Alternative Model of Self-Forgiveness PDF
John M. McConnell, David N. Dixon, W. Holmes Finch 35-51
Parenting Goals and Parenting Styles among Taiwanese Parents: The Moderating Role of Child Temperament PDF
Christine Meng 52-67
The Effects of Advertisement Variation and Need for Cognition on Attitudes toward Products PDF
Stephen C. Nettelhorst, Robert J. Youmans 68-73
A Pilot Study of Effects of the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program on Phonemic Awareness and Basic Reading Skills PDF
Carolyn M. Casey, Catherine Cook-Cottone, Courtney N. Baker 74-84